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Our Associates - Phil Ostrander

Phil Ostrander is a former member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Mr. Ostrander served as Assistant Majority Floor Leader, helping to manage the daily legislative agenda of the House. Phil served in leadership roles on several House Committees. Phil Ostrander brings a diverse base of knowledge and experience to the Capitol. He retired from the Tulsa Fire Department after 26 years of distinguished service. Phil has owned and operated several successful businesses and is keenly aware of the challenges entrepreneurs meet daily dealing with government. Mr. Ostrander has built professional and personal relationships with a diverse cross-section of the state through service on numerous boards and committees. Mr. Ostrander successfully represents his clients and their issues in Oklahoma City and works toward, and appreciates a long term association with his clients. Phil Ostrander’s current client list includes:

  • Oklahoma State Firefighters Association
  • Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma
  • Construction Industries Board
  • Organization of Rural Elementary Schools

Phil Ostrander
(918) 231-7765


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